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Crazy storm up here yesterday – Dan and I got snowed in with all our gear and got creative, which was really enjoyable. We have a really comfortable studio set up and have a couple of weeks of freedom to just make some tasty sounds, so hopefully we’ll be flanging something into the ether pretty pronto.

I really need to blog about what we’ve been up to so far, but we always forget to take photos, and I feel like blogs without images just don’t connect. Either way, I have some time tomorrow PM so I’ll post about our recording session and our trip up north, then.


..until the two skinny white guys sing ??

So it looks like Dan and I will be getting together after Christmas. Sorry it’s all been on hold for so long. I’m sure you all understand that life isn’t always a nice straight path but this past few have been particularly winding.

Ho hum, the goal is to get last years demos turned into real recordings and flog them for crack, just like Pete Doherty.

(Keep) watch(ing) this space.


Skinny white guys

I guess most of you don’t know this but I’m living in Ireland at the moment, alone, about 5 miles from anything.


I’m not looking for sympathy, I was going just to tell you the (only?) good thing about it is I have my projector set up on a massive white wall and I’m trying to watch a film a night to get through this enormous hard drive of films I’ve accumulated but never had time to watch.

Last night: Easy Rider. Tonight: Face off.

Oh yeah.

ye gods, I totally forgot how cool the map thing is! And there are so many of you now – have you been breeding!? I have to finish that and let you be able to message each other..

(if you don’t know what I’m talking about – you click your name at the top right, near ‘sign out’, when you’re signed in.)

Ye gods, I’ve just uncovered a motherload of Soft Bullets (and Air Traffic) T shirts, CDs and Vinyl in my parents basement!

Suppose I should probably get the SB stuff up on here again…

Alright, world. I’ll level with you. Things have well and truly been on hold for nearly a year.

Dan and I have had other projects that have demanded our attention – I’ve been touring with my uncle (singer songwriter in Ireland) to get a taste of something different, and Dan has written and released an album of his own material under his alter ego, Sea Level.

It’s been so long since I logged in to post here, that I’d forgotten how to do so. The shame of it…

But I think it might be time to take back ownership of Soft Bullets before it becomes one of those dusty corners of the internet that you occasionally find yourself lost in at 3am.

I’m sorry, we don’t have any tasties to throw down at the moment – we didn’t finish what we were working on in Wales and nothing else is really in presentable form right now. I just wanted to stoke the fire, for my own sake really. I don’t like seeing this place so quiet.

My phone, which isn’t exactly brand new, has a 1.6gHz dual core processor, 1gb of RAM and a decent enough amount of flash memory. On paper, it’s as good as my old macbook.

It also has a decent size screen, a physical interface, wireless connectivity and an audio socket.

Here’s my burning question: how much longer do I have to wait for someone to develop a sampler/plugin-player OS for this device???

Most of my piano sample libraries are smaller than 20gb (except maybe the full 7CG) and I’ve run them on lower spec’d computers. You can expand flash memory, anyway.

As well as being comparable to a laptop, it’s an order of magnitude more powerful than my (still often used) akai s1000. Midi could be implemented over WiFi. I wouldn’t even be surprised if t he radio circuitry could be coerced into broadcasting the output like a wireless mic. But even if not, there is a mini jack socket (which is also an input, for recording your own samples).

I don’t think I want to try building an OS, but I’m curious to know if there is a good reason why it can’t be done.

Seagulls are bastards. But they just woke me from some seriously troubled dreams, so for that I’m grateful.

Thanks, you bastards.


So I find myself house sitting in Clapham and being reminded of all the reasons not to move to London.

Here’s one: A travel card costs £8.40 now.

Sorry it’s been a bit quiet around here lately. We’re not dead and neither is Soft Bullets, we’re just working on a way to make things work. Work workity work work.

I’m moving back to London very shortly and if all goes to plan we have a few tracks in the pipeline, very close to completion, which we’d like to share with you asap.

In the meantime, we’ll make an effort to blog more often and keep this site alive. Actually, I’d really like to redesign it sometime soon, too.


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