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My phone, which isn’t exactly brand new, has a 1.6gHz dual core processor, 1gb of RAM and a decent enough amount of flash memory. On paper, it’s as good as my old macbook.

It also has a decent size screen, a physical interface, wireless connectivity and an audio socket.

Here’s my burning question: how much longer do I have to wait for someone to develop a sampler/plugin-player OS for this device???

Most of my piano sample libraries are smaller than 20gb (except maybe the full 7CG) and I’ve run them on lower spec’d computers. You can expand flash memory, anyway.

As well as being comparable to a laptop, it’s an order of magnitude more powerful than my (still often used) akai s1000. Midi could be implemented over WiFi. I wouldn’t even be surprised if t he radio circuitry could be coerced into broadcasting the output like a wireless mic. But even if not, there is a mini jack socket (which is also an input, for recording your own samples).

I don’t think I want to try building an OS, but I’m curious to know if there is a good reason why it can’t be done.

Seagulls are bastards. But they just woke me from some seriously troubled dreams, so for that I’m grateful.

Thanks, you bastards.


So I find myself house sitting in Clapham and being reminded of all the reasons not to move to London.

Here’s one: A travel card costs £8.40 now.

Sorry it’s been a bit quiet around here lately. We’re not dead and neither is Soft Bullets, we’re just working on a way to make things work. Work workity work work.

I’m moving back to London very shortly and if all goes to plan we have a few tracks in the pipeline, very close to completion, which we’d like to share with you asap.

In the meantime, we’ll make an effort to blog more often and keep this site alive. Actually, I’d really like to redesign it sometime soon, too.


Thought I’d share some photos from my Atlantic crossing with you.

There were way too many to fit in a post, so I’ve tried to trim the herd and keep it brief.

I’ve also included barely anything from South Africa or Brazil, and nothing of St. Helena (which was a complete mind trip!). This is mostly just the sailing:

Leaving Cape town

Leaving Cape Town

Days and days like this

Days and days like this

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Ok, it may have taken me well over a week but I’ve made five of these and I’m pretty happy with how they’ve turned out…

Everything, even the case, was made from scratch :|

What do you think?


Final prototype of a pop up robot. Just an attempt to get a promo CD noticed by radio DJs in lieu of having an actual professional do it. Which would be better.

Now to make a background of burning buildings. And maybe equip with flickering leds.

Oh, and turn it into a CD case :/


Despite my grumbling on twitter, today’s to do list is looking mercifully fulfilled:

1. Complete tax return. Complete tax return

2. Write grovelling, pleading letter to the HMRC begging them to withdraw £100 fine for being late.

3. Get back to designing a pop up robot.


Listening to Elbow’s “Loneliness of a Tower Crane Driver” and wondering. Wondering if it really is better to make what you can sell than to sell what you can make, as someone successful once told me…

Shit days are shit.

Anyone got a pick me up?

I have a week to make something really eye catching to accompany some promo cds. I was thinking pop up cases with robot Arek surrounded by burning buildings that light up and flicker when the CD is removed.

I need to make maybe 30 and I need Steve Lamacq, Huw Stephens, Guy Garvey et al to get a kick out of them…

Too ambitious?

pop up arek

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